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"Getting Published" E-books

How to Get Published by Magazines & Book Publishers

Cutting the Passive Voice

Cutting the Passive Voice

Book Signings

Book Signings:

How to Set Up Your In-Store Author Event and What to Do While You're There!


You may be familiar with my line of "Help for Writers" series of pamphlets. You can see the list of titles

 and some of the covers below. I am currently developing these five pamphlets, and several other titles from workshops I've taught and other writing I've done, as e-books, which will be available exclusively on Kindle.

The original pamphlets have been popular at writer's conference where I have attended or been on faculty. I've received a lot of positive comments and many writers have told me they have been very helpful to them. So I'm

 quite excited that this material will be more easily and widely available to you.

Besides here, you can watch Dianne's Amazon Author Page for the latest list of available titles.

The first e-book in the "Getting Published" line, "How to Get Published..." is an updated version of my pamphlet "The Basics for Beginners: How to Find Markets, Submit your Manuscripts, and Keep Track of it All" with additional information added from my "Writing for Publication: How to Find Markets and Submit Your Work" taped seminar.